World No Tobacco Day 2022

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World No Tobacco Day 2022

For World No Tobacco Day on 31st May, we’re encouraging everyone to start a conversation
with smokers and signpost them to quit support.

As the country’s number one killer, it’s down to all of us to help the majority of smokers who
want to quit.

In England, around 60% of smokers want to quit, 10% of which intend to do so within 3
months. Currently, around half of all smokers in England try to quit unaided using willpower
alone, despite this being the least effective method. Getting support can greatly increase
someone’s chances of quitting successfully.

We all encounter smokers in our daily work and most of us have first hand experience of
caring for people whose lives have been destroyed by addiction to smoking tobacco. Many
of these long term illnesses and deaths are entirely avoidable.

So, on World No Tobacco Day, give yourself a pat on the back and recognise that every
contact you make counts. Promoting smoking cessation is the most effective thing we as
healthcare professional and clinician can do to improve health outcomes for our patients who
smoke. It is also one of the most effective ways of triggering a quit attempt.

By talking to patients about smoking we can not only reduce the huge burden of smoking on
the NHS but reduce health inequalities and save lives.

To find out more information on Very Brief Advice and a great training resource we provide free of charge