SmokeFree Pregnancies
Smoking during pregnancy is the biggest modifiable risk to baby – as soon as you stop baby and you will benefit!

We know stopping smoking can be hard and sometimes you might feel additional pressure to stop whilst pregnant, increasing your stress levels and therefore making you want to smoke more.

We appreciate this and want to ensure you feel supported, motivated and listened to. You don’t need to try and tackle the cigarettes on your own – why not use our 8 weeks FREE support along with FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy including patches, gums lozenges. We will take the time to discuss these products with you, how to use them and what strength to use to ease cravings and withdrawals to ensure your chances of relapsing are minimal.


YOURhealth Supporting a Smokefree Pregnancy leaflet

Healthtrainer Tori

SmokeFree Pregnancies‘I have always had a passion for helping individuals stop smoking, I have worked closely with midwives over the last few years in particular to help pregnant women stop smoking.

Stopping smoking isn’t easy at the best of times but when you are pregnant and are trying to stop some women find it very hard, but with our support and guidance we can overcome any barriers.  Throughout the 8 weeks with our service there may be hurdles but we tackle them together and getting a pregnant lady to 8 weeks smoke free and successfully stopping makes me feel a huge sense of achievement.

I feel proud of my ladies and what they have achieved for their health and their unborn baby, it’s a wonderful feeling knowing you have helped to give a child the best possible chance of life. I will always enjoy and thrive from working with pregnant smokers as seeing the outcome and their confidence growing is an incredible feeling.’


How accessing our support during pregnancy helped women in the East Riding

‘It’s never too late to give up smoking during pregnancy. I was referred at 28 weeks and I’ve now managed 5 weeks with no smoking…….the nhs stop smoking service and Victoria in particular have been amazing. She passed no judgment, has been really understanding and supportive and I’ve received all the support I needed to be able to stop. I’m able to contact her whenever I need, and she speaks with me every week to see how I’ve been getting on………I’ve received great care and cannot thank Victoria enough.’

‘I would 100% recommended using this service, pregnant or not, during the uncertain times. I could not have managed to do this alone and I’m so proud that even though I did it later into my pregnancy I have been able to quit smoking, for my baby, myself and my family.’

‘I was smoking 5-7 cigarettes a day which may not sound a lot but when I first got referred to the Healthtrainers by my Midwife and I saw how high my CO levels were it really shocked me….after my first few sessions at the Healthtrainers I felt comfortable telling them if I had a stressful day and a cigarette……as I carried on with my appointments and seeing my CO levels go down gave me that proud feeling and on the 17th of August I was officially classed as a non-smoker.’

‘I could not have done this without the help of the Healthtrainers. Thank you all.’

SmokeFree Pregnancies

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