SmokeFree Homes
Smoking in the home will have an impact on everyone living and visiting that home. Toxins within cigarette smoke can remain within the home for 5 hours and can easily spread from room to room  even with the doors closed.

How do I make my home Smokefree?

  • Always go outside to smoke
  • Ensure the door into the house is closed and no nearby windows are open
  • Wear a jacket or coat whilst outside which can be removed once you re-enter the house
  • Don’t smoke too close to the house
**These rules must NEVER be broken for smokefree home**

What are the benefits to making my home Smokefree?

  • Those living with you or visiting will not be exposed to the harms of second hand smoke
  • The risk of a fire in the home is reduced
  • By smoking outside you are likely to smoke less, ensuring if you wanted to try and stop for good in the future you are much more likely to succeed
  • You are being a role model for any young people in the home, those who live with a smoker and are exposed to it regularly are much more likely to smoke themselves when they are older
SmokeFree Homes
SmokeFree Homes

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SmokeFree Homes

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