It is well known that respiratory conditions are impacted on much more for smokers then for the general population. Although the exact risks associated with COVID-19 are still developing we do know for any smoker recovery rates are generally slower and risk of infection are much higher and this is why it is so important now more than ever we make a change and QuitforCovid!

Not only are you helping yourself, you are also protecting those you live with and helping the NHS at a time when it is most in need.

We know quitting can be hard but with our support & guidance you really can do it!

We need to do all we can to prepare ourselves for the winter months and stopping smoking is one of the best ways to do this and could potentially reduce the severity of symptoms and possibility prevent a hospital admission if you were to contract the illness.

Accessing support really never has been easier…..you don’t even need to leave the house! Our dedicated team of Stop Smoking Advisors are on hand 8am – 8pm as well as weekend appointments to aid you with your quit journey. We can provide you with free Nicotine Replacement Therapy as well as discussing prescribed Champix.


2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and the lack of contact with friends, family, grandchildren and those we hold closest to us has proved a challenge like no other. People are spending more time at home and as a result some are returning to smking in the home. This doesn’t just impact on you but those you live with including your children, grandchildren, partners and pets – no one is exempt from the harms of second hand smoke regardless of where you smoke in the home

What can I do to make the first steps?


Make a plan to quit smoking – Set a date, pop it in a calendar or tell someone you know will be a supportive advocate of your quit when the date is.


Is there anything stopping you, if so can you resolve this?


Think positive – you may have tried to quit before and it didn’t work, you may have tried multiple times and each time have succumbed to a craving. This doesn’t mean this time will be the same, it takes on average don’t base your new quit attempt on your last one.


Worried about the impact quitting may have on your waist line? Did you know that after your 8 weeks free support with a Stop Smoking Advisor you could then receive upto 12 weeks free support with a member of our Healthtrainer team? They can support and motivate you to work on your eating habits and ensure that you are not replacing cigarettes for snacks!


Get support! Never feel you should attempt a quit on your own. Free support is available via our service which not only includes someone to talk to and a good listening ear but free Nicotine Replacement Therapy or Champix via prescription if eligible!

Did you know...

You’re 4 times more likely to succeed with a quit when you access support then going cold turkey!

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