SmokeFree Generation
We have seen some amazing results locally in the East Riding over recent years and we want to continue to work hard on bringing smoking prevalence to as low a number as possible. If we can continue to bring smoking prevalence down this will also improve health outcomes for those that live locally for smokers and also those exposed to secondhand smoke.

One of the best ways we can accomplish this is by supporting our current generation to stub out the habit and ensuring our next generation never start in the first place. The best way to achieve this is by making smoking seen as a rarity and no longer the norm.

A child that lives in a home with a smoker is more likely to smoke themselves as an adult than those who do not. If a child is exposed as little as possible to smoking not only are they at a lower risk of poorer health outcomes they will also not see smoking as a normal behaviour.

SmokeFree Generation
SmokeFree Generation

We will be running a variety of campaigns within our Smokefree Generation work to reduce as much exposure as possible to children including:

We also want local residents to get behind the campaign and sign our pledge towards a smokefree home. By signing the pledge you are declaring you will be creating a smokefree home and ensure this rule is never broken by anyone at anytime.


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Roo’s Primary School, poem winner – Tilly Clappison

I live in a world full of smoke
It’s bad for you and that’s no joke,
I fear it will give me lung disease
When I cough and I choke I can’t do as I please

I live in a world full of smoke,
It doesn’t just affect you,
It affects me too
I feel sick and down
If I inhale too much
The problems it can cause if you smoke is such

Smoking isn’t fun
Smoking isn’t good
Please stop now before it hurts you, please

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