SmokeFree Workforces
In recent years it has become more apparent that the gap is widening in smoking rates between those are in routine and manual roles compared those in managerial or professional roles.

We want to support businesses in the East Riding to encourage their workforce to go Smokefree and improve health outcomes for all.

Why would this benefit my business?

  • Reduced sick days due to smoking related conditions
  • Reduced the amount of time lost for cigarette breaks
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff wellbeing and their long term health
  • Improved staff morale for those that don’t smoke but are being exposed to second hand smoking
SmokeFree Workforces

SmokeFree Workforce Webinars

We’re providing two FREE virtual webinars for those working in local industries across the East Riding to find out how they can access support for their workforce to go smokefree. The sessions will provide you with an overview of your local service as well as the true impact smoking has the local economy and your business personably.

We will also be launching our new award scheme you can be involved with that will enable you to access as much or as little support and resource as is necessary for your business to go smokefree.

Our webinar will include:

  • Smoking related issues, prevalence, changes to the law, health risks of smoking & benefits to quitting
  • Why a smokefree policy is so important in your workplace
  • How to develop practical skills to positively encourage smokefree behaviours in your workplace
  • Resources available to you
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for local industries
  • True cost of smoking and the economy
  • What would YOU like to see to support you and your workforce?
  • Current prevalence in the East Riding and the Health Inequalities happening in routine and manual roles.

The session is for anyone who may be involved in the instigation of a smokefree policy. This could include Occupational Health, Human Resources, Team Leaders, Managers and business owners but we would also welcome anyone in the workforce who would like to know more or offer their input. You could ne a smoker/ex-smoker or non-smoker – we welcome all points of view.

For more information on the webinar or the support we can provide please email:

To reserve your place click on one of the dates below. Once booked please keep an eye on your inbox for a Microsoft Teams invite and instructions on how to join the webinar.

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SmokeFree Workforces

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