SmokeFree Workforces
In recent years it has become more apparent that the gap is widening in smoking rates between those are in routine and manual roles compared those in managerial or professional roles.

We want to support businesses in the East Riding to encourage their workforce to go Smokefree and improve health outcomes for all.

Why would this benefit my business?

  • Reduced sick days due to smoking related conditions
  • Reduced the amount of time lost for cigarette breaks
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved staff wellbeing and their long term health
  • Improved staff morale for those that don’t smoke but are being exposed to second hand smoking

If you would like your business to become Smokefree or would like to support your workforce to kick the habit click on the Contact us page to request more information.

SmokeFree Workforces

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SmokeFree Workforces

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