Pharmacy Wellbeing Service, Pharmacy visits

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Pharmacy Wellbeing Service, Pharmacy visits


Hi everyone, following on from my last Pharmacy Wellbeing Service blog I wanted to gain first-hand experience on how pharmacies function day-to-day, the responsibilities and the pressures you face whilst understanding personally what it was really like and how and why it may personally impact you and your families wellbeing.

I firstly wanted to say a huge thanks to Holme Pharmacy, Bethune Avenue Pharmacy and Day Lewis Pharmacy who all kindly allowed me to visit their pharmacies, meet the team and discuss the daily routine pharmacy life requires.

Pharmacy Wellbeing Service, Pharmacy visits

I was able to see different systematic strategies which are used in pharmacy and the different roles in which are undertaken throughout the day. This included the deliveries, managing stock, the technicians role, the dispensing and not forgetting looking after everyone visiting the pharmacy for advice and purchasing of products (This was just a small sample of some of the roles I discovered during my time at the pharmacies)!

The busy world of pharmacy really opened my eyes and let me understand even further the responsibilities of pharmacies, how much they help both the public and one another and are working incredibly hard day in day out whilst remaining helpful and positive to everyone they meet. I left each pharmacy full of gratitude and respect for your amazing work and appreciation for the work pressures you all encounter on a daily basis.

I can only hope the Pharmacy Wellbeing Service can be truly utilised by all of you who are working hard in pharmacy and your family members to support all involved.

Remember I can help with both your mental and physical health, I can even help signpost into other services if you need help finding the right support for you so please feel free to contact me and get involved.

I can be there for weekly or fortnightly support or simply a general enquiry or signpost!

Thank you to everyone working within pharmacies for all the amazing work you’re doing, you really are doing amazing work!

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Pharmacy Wellbeing Service, Pharmacy visits