New Quit Together Initiative launches in the East Riding

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NHS Staff Offer

The YOURhealth team continue to be hard at work supporting East Riding residents to quit smoking.  Now Covid restrictions have lifted a bit we have been able to see more clients for face-to-face appointments which is nicer for the team after 2 and a bit years of telephone or video call support and the clients prefer it too!

We have seen some amazing results over recent years in bringing the smoking rates down thanks to our fantastic team and our brilliant service users who have decided that they want to improve their health, their family’s health and their finances.

Our Smoking in pregnancy teams have been working alongside local Midwives and other antenatal care providers in supporting pregnant smokers, their partners and family member to stop smoking.  As a result, we have achieved our lowest ever Smoking at Time of Delivery (SATOD) results of 9.2% and for the first time have dropped under 10%.

We also know that children who live with and are exposed to smoking are much more likely to smoke themselves when they are older. If we work towards achieving Smoke free places within the East Riding including homes, parks and around schools, we are protecting them from the harms of second hand smoke whilst also protecting their future health.  Our new Health Trainer for Children and Family service is working closely with schools, children’s centres and other services to educate and promote the benefits of eating well, moving more and not starting smoking in the first place.

Lastly we wanted to share with you all a new initiative we will be providing starting with immediate effect is the Quit Together initiative. We are supporting hospital staff to remain smokefree in work, with focused support and nicotine replacement therapy.

YOURhealth are delighted to be providing support for staff based at either Bridlington, Goole or Castle Hill Hospitals (and any hospital staff with an East Riding postcode).

We still have a way to go and this is where you can do your bit.  Sign our pledge to show your support in making the East Riding smoke free!