Mens Health Week

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Mens Health Week

The average man pays less attention to his health than the average women. Compared to women, men are more likely to:

  • Drink alcohol and use tobacco
  • Make risky lifestyle choices
  • Not seek help from a health professional

As a man working within the NHS, specifically a public health focused service such as the Prevention, Recovery and Wellbeing team the above facts are not new to me and we are all aware of the stigma with men’s health and the old adage that men don’t talk.

However with new ways of thinking and approaching health and wellbeing in a new way, men of all ages are becoming more active in helping themselves and others alike.

Such as the many sports and culture role models men and boys see in the public eye, namely Prince Harry, Roman Kemp and Gareth Southgate. Who have all recently communicated their challenges and actions to help their health.

This impact has been felt on a wider sense, with the recent upsurge in the ‘Andy’s Man club’ movement that is now a national scheme, in addition to Men in Sheds, Fat vs Football clubs and more.

Focusing on ourselves is more important than ever and by men accepting that sometimes they need help from others is only a positive, whether that is regarding a recurring cough, a lump or wanting to talk to someone about how your feeling.

Why not have a go at the Mens Health Forum DIY Man MOT or why not go one step further if you’re aged 40 or above and get in touch with us to see if you’re eligible for a free NHS Health Check?

We know it’s been hard over the last couple of years due to the pandemic but don’t put things off any longer than they need to and make an appointment.


Ryan Nicholls,

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust YOUR health Team leader.

Mens Health Week