Quit for Covid, Smoking Case Study – Jenny

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Quit for Covid, Smoking Case Study - Jenny

Jenny, a 70 year old lady who had been smoking for 50 years,  rang the Stop Smoking service as she had been told my her GP and also her dentist that she absolutely must stop smoking.  Jenny suffers with asthma, hypertension and also her oral health had been badly affected by smoking, causing her tongue become black and sore, alongside constant presence of mouth ulcers.

Jenny embarked on her Quit attempt feeling understandably nervous as smoking had been part of her life for so long, but also very committed to quitting. The Stop Smoking Service provided her with FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy and behaviour support alongside a listening ear. At Jennys first appointment, she chatted with Wendy a Stop Smoking Advisor about her daily routines, which unfortunately had been curtailed due to the COVID 19 pandemic meaning she had to self-isolate. However, Jenny had a very large garden which she loved to keep tidy and due to the warm weather found she could change her routines by spending a lot of her day in the garden pottering.

Quit for Covid, Smoking Case Study - Jenny

Health Trainer – Wendy

Jenny started very well, but did admit to struggling after a couple of weeks.  Wendy discussed with Jenny her day and isolated the time when her cravings were happening, which turned out to be the evenings. Wendy suggested changing the time she went to bed to combat the time she was struggling with her cravings. Jenny set her alarm so that she could get up earlier than she would normally, created a plan to filled her day and avoided sitting in the area where she would normally have a cigarette. Jenny would then go to bed earlier so that the tricky time could be avoided.

This worked!

Jenny has now been smoke free for 3 whole weeks and is thrilled with her progress!

Since stopping smoking Jenny cannot believe how much better she feels, has more energy and also the oral health conditions that have plagued her for years are now healing and her tongue is no longer black and sore!

Imagine how great Jenny is going to feel when she reaches her final appointment! Life changing! J