North Yorkshire Weight Management Service goes Virtual!

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Scarborough & Whitby
We have had amazing results within our NHS Weight Management Service and we didn’t want Covid to stop people living in the Scarborough, Whitby and Rydale regions from being able to access support. Lock down has impacted us all differently but one trend we are all seeing is reduced mobility with increased eating and drinking due to significant changes in our day to day lives. This is why we decided it was time to resume support virtually so everyone can still access our help and support!


How Does It Work?

It all starts with a hello and a personal face to face introduction over a virtual platform (Microsoft Teams). Following your referral to discuss your own personal weight management needs and agree on signing up to a Microsoft Teams group which will help you to lose weight a healthy way and ensure its sustainable but more importantly that it works for you. We will introduce you to a step by step plan and agree a five percent weight loss target within your first twelve weeks of the service, introduce you to your own personal weight management advisor and have access to information/ materials that will kick start your weight loss journey. You will then be asked to partake in a FREE twenty four week virtual programme ran by our weight management advisors in the comfort of your own home. This will require you to attend weekly group sessions and gain valuable skills, information and support but above all motivation and a network that will allow you to remain focused on your weight loss goals. It will also give you the opportunity to touch base with your advisor every week and hand in your proven weight. You will be able to contact your weight management advisor weekly during the twenty four weeks for a chat, simple motivation, and gain advice or to ask questions about your personal journey. You will be asked to attend a personalised one to one, virtual assessment at weeks twelve, checking up on your target and at week twenty four to repeat and update your health records with your successes and achievements. This will ensure that your target has been maintained and for you to track your weight loss journey with us and for us to ensure you remain focused and on track to achieve your weight loss goal. By weeks twenty four we believe that you will have achieved your weight loss goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle that will be sustained by yourself going forwards, no more fad diets or quick fixes required!

Have a read of one of our service users who accessed support virtually…..

North Yorkshire Weight Management Service goes Virtual!

Our Programme For Success

  1. Begin your journey by getting in touch with us
  2. Virtual or telephone appointment with one of our advisors including a personalised health assessment
  3. We introduce you to our weekly group weight management virtual sessions to kick start your weight loss journey. Or alternatively schedule a weekly telephone appointment.
  4. Let’s celebrate – You have completed 12 weeks, we will complete another personalised health and lifestyle assessment to see what successes you have achieved and plan for maintenance
  5. Continue attending for a further 12 weeks including physical activity and further success
  6. At 24 weeks sustained weight loss and happier healthier client and a happier and healthier you!

How to get in touch?

Call: 0800 9177752

Text Healthy to 60163