New Goole Hospital Smoking in pregnancy clinic

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New Goole Hospital Smoking in pregnancy clinic

My name is Kerry. I’m a Healthtrainer for YOURhealth and I started the Smoking in pregnancy clinic at the Midwifery Suit in Goole Hospital. The new clinic started in January for mums that are classed as ‘high risk’ due to complications in their pregnancies, which might include smoking.

I speak to every mum that attends the clinic and record a Carbon Monoxide (CO) reading with the Midwife.  I chat to them regarding their current smoking habits and also their families, and discuss and provide support on the benefits of having a smokefree home before baby arrives.  I also talk to them about our Stop smoking service and how they can receive one to one support and motivation to help them and their families successfully stop smoking for good. They will see either myself or another member of the team each week for 8 weeks and with this they will also receive FREE nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help with any cravings or withdrawal symptoms they might have. This one to one time with a Healthtrainer allows mum to talk through how they are feeling, any difficulties they might have had, and how the NRT is working in a safe and supportive environment.

I appreciate stopping smoking is no easy challenge and want mum to feel empowered and confident that she can go smokefree during and after pregnancy and to feel proud of this achievement.

The clinic is going really well so far and I have had a several mums sign up to the service for support along with their partners.  I am also working more closely with the Midwives based there and the team work is going really well! Hopefully by being present in the department every week mums will get used to seeing me and will become more and more aware of what YOURhealth has to offer them.