Merry Christmas from everyone at YOURhealth

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Merry Christmas from everyone at YOURhealth
We at YOURhealth wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, we know 2020 has been a year that has been difficult on everyone in differing ways. There may have been anxieties around job security, financial worries, bereavement, concerns on how Covid-19 may impact you if you were to pick up the infection and more. Not only this but the opportunity to spend time with the ones we love has been few and the ability to go out and socialise has also been limited.
We know everyone has struggled at some point this year but we hope everyone feels there is now a glimmer of hope and that 2021 will bring everyone a better year, a time to make up on lost time with friends and family and to feel a sense of norm yet again.
If you feel you are still struggling with how you are feeling please never suffer in silence, there are services and support groups available – you might just want a listening ear or maybe more in depth support, either way there is a variety of resource available in the East Riding which our Community Link Workers could support in sign posting or referring you to.
We hope everyone is able to spend this Christmas with those they love and although it may not be with everyone you were hoping to see you are able to make the most of this precious time safely and happily.
Here’s to a special Christmas for you all, to happiness, health and family.
The YOURhealth team