Healthy Heart Month

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Healthy Heart Month - Part 2


Healthy Heart MonthHealthy Heart MonthHealthy Heart Month

Healthy Heart Month

Healthy Heart MonthHealthy Heart MonthHealthy Heart Month

Hi I’m Joe and I’m one of the YOURhealth Social Prescribers covering Haltemprice and Beverley. February is Healthy Heart Month, so I’ve been looking into the factors that cause or are correlated with Heart disease, which includes:

Mental health            High cholesterol

High blood pressure         Diabetes       Obesity

Smoking              Physical inactivity

Along with this I looked into what options are available to people in the East Riding wanting to make changes to live a healthier lifestyle to look after their heart.

Happily, NHS YOURhealth can help you a variety of areas which may impact on your heart health from Emotional Wellbeing, to Healthy Eating, to Weight Loss, Alcohol Reduction, Physical Activity, or Stopping Smoking.  Which ever aspect you choose to focus on first, we’re here to support you achieve your goals. All you need to do to access the NHS YOURhealth service is call: 0800 917 7752

Emotional Wellbeing

You might want to start by focusing on your Emotional WellbeingCovid-19 has undoubtedly added extra difficulties impacting emotional wellbeing, from financial stresses and job losses to loneliness and bereavement, if you feel like you don’t know where to start and feel you need a bit of extra support get in touch.  Meanwhile, here are some useful links I’ve found help you on your way to wellbeing.

Top Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing | One You (

Every Mind Matters | One You (

Get help with low mood, sadness or depression – NHS (

Coronavirus and your wellbeing | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems

Publications | Mental Health Foundation


Physical Activity

also has a range of benefits from boosting emotional wellbeing to helping with weight loss. Make exercise part of your daily routine, and find something you enjoy. Here are a few resources I found:

Home workout videos – NHS (

Get active – Better Health – NHS ( (Couch to 5K, and Active 10)

Join the Movement | Sport England  (Online activity timetable–including a selection of free and paid-for virtual classes to suit all ability levels)

East Riding Walking for Health | Walking for Health


Quitting the habit

is the single best thing you can do for your heart.  Smoking almost doubles your risk of heart attack compared to never smoking.  NHS YOURhealth can help with motivational video calls and free Nicotine Replace Therapy or prescribed Champix. We have all witnessed over the last 12 months the impact Covid-19 is having on people and the risk is higher for those who smoke.

Healthy Heart Month

If you would like access to free support and Nicotine Replace Therapy just text QUIT to 60163 and we’ll do the rest – you can access our support without needing to leave your home!

‘Your first port of call could be to start Eating Healthily, cutting down on Alcohol or stopping smoking.  I’ve included a few resources with tips and tricks below, but for extra support NHS YOURhealth are here to give you personalised support and get you through those first tough weeks of making changes to your current lifestyle’


12 tips to help you lose weight – NHS (

Eat better booklet | BHF

Taking control of food portions and labels | BHF

Taking control of saturated fats | BHF

Taking control of alcohol | BHF

To find out more about our NHS YOURhealth Service, fill in our ‘Contact us’ page and we will happily organise a call to discuss what services we can provide to support you and your wellbeing.