Are you ready for Stoptober……

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Are you ready for Stoptober......

Stoptober is back!

Stoptober is entering it’s 10th year and is still helping thousands every year say goodbye to smoking for good!

Stoptober starts Friday the 1st of October and is an opportunity for you to give up the cigs for 28 days to help you notice both the physical benefits to quitting as well as the financial health improvements!

It can be scary thinking about stopping smoking but with Stoptober you’re never alone with online communities, perhaps a close friend or family member will quit with you or the NHS Quit Smoking app all will be a welcome distraction for you!

Alongside this you also have us – your East Riding Stop Smoking Service! We can help you get through the next 8 weeks of being smoke free with our friendly team who will be your motivational support throughout Stoptober alongside our FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

If you would like to get booked in ready for the 1st of October either click here to make an enquiry or text QUIT to 60163 for a free call back!