800 Days of Social Prescribing

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800 Days of Social Prescribing

The Greater Picture –

In total the CommunityLink team have supported over 8,000 people, across the East Riding, to improve their health & wellbeing. We endeavour to provide individualised, personal support and motivation to adults who require assistance with social, emotional or practical needs.

What is Social Prescribing?

It is supporting all patients to ensure they get the right help, support and guidance to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

As a CommunityLink worker it is paramount that clients feel well supported – we aim to signpost to services or local community groups to improve health and well-being and reconnect with the community. In the current NHS climate it is becoming progressively difficult to see a GP, we hope to provide the non -clinical time that most patients are unable to receive to communicate what matters to them and offer support and direction to lead happier and healthier lives. We offer support for a range of issues such as loneliness and isolation, employment, debt and benefits or general support regarding health and well-being.

800 Days of Social Prescribing

How Might Social Prescribing Help You?

We all have issues in our lives that may affect our well-being in some way – we hope to bridge the gap and support you on your journey. The CommunityLink team may help you build your confidence, work on a relationship and give information that suits your needs.

What Does Social Prescribing Mean to Our Team?

  • “Making a big difference by helping with the ‘small things’.” – Alison
  • “Social prescribing is an art of listening and understanding an individual’s situation before directing/referring/signposting them to appropriate sources of support to promote health and well-being.” – Amy
  • “Social Prescribing is a holistic approach to tackle inequalities and improve well-being for individuals within the community.” – Charlotte
  • “Ensuring everyone gets access to the information, motivation and support they need across all aspects of life.” – Joe

Quotes from clients –

800 Days of Social Prescribing

800 Days of Social Prescribing