Stress awareness month – Ways to help you destress

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Stress awareness month - Ways to help you destress

Hi I’m Alison a Health Trainer and Community Link worker for the Holderness area for the YOURhealth team.  I’m going to be talking about stress awareness and how you can destress to help protect your own wellbeing.

Stress awareness month - Ways to help you destress

We all know it’s been a stressful year with Covid, Lockdowns, restrictions and everything else that life still throws at you!  And there may also be some stress and anxiety around the lifting of restrictions.  These feelings are all normal and understandable and here are some tips that may help

  • Be active, go for a walk or do some home based exercise to release those feel good endorphins
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Eat well and try not to overdo the alcohol
  • Reduce screen time and try not to get caught up in watching the news all the time
  • Download Apps like Headspace
  • Stay connected with friends and family by phone, video call or if restrictions allow in a socially distanced way
  • Stop Smoking. Quitting smoking can have a similar impact on your mental health as antidepressants.
  • Keep busy and maybe try a new hobby. I’m a fan of adult colouring books and baking
  • Try and get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D and connect with nature

There are some really useful websites out there such as:

If you need further support then the Health Trainers can support over 6-8 sessions for up to 12 weeks with practical hints and tips to help with wellbeing. Alternatively our friendly Community Link Workers can support you if your wellbeing has been affected by bereavement, loneliness and isolation or debt and financial worries.

If you’re struggling with how your feeling and would like support with low level stress you can access free support from the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trusts YOURhealth service by calling 0800 9177752