No Smoking Day – 10th of March 2021

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No Smoking Day - 10th of March 2021

The last year has been difficult for many, with stress and concern surrounding our health being on the rise. For someone who smokes, the pandemic has likely been a provoking concern, and one which has encouraged people to think about their lifestyle more than ever.

The chances of a smoker successfully quitting right now are as high as they have ever been. However, we’re acutely aware of how smoking can also be used as a coping mechanism during stressful periods and times of mental distress.

This No Smoking Day, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s YOURhealth team is taking the opportunity to remind people of the positives of quitting smoking, and how this can make you feel less stressed over time.

Stopping smoking has been evidenced to improve your mental health, including a reduction in symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, and improved mood and quality of life.

We know and understand it can feel quite daunting the thought of quitting and how that might impact your mental health and that’s why we want to say we’re here and we can help, support and ensure your mental health is a key focus throughout. By speaking with a stop smoking advisor each week enables you to offload, talk about your cravings and how you have felt and how the products are making you feel and this really can help protect your mental health during those first few weeks.

If you would like support to make the change and make No Smoking Day the day you quit simply text QUIT to 60163 for a free call back from a member of the East Riding Stop Smoking Service team or click below to go directly to our contact us page.
No Smoking Day - 10th of March 2021