Stress Awareness month

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Stress Awareness month

Stress Awareness month

I’m Vanessa, a Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach based in Hull. This Stress Awareness month remember to take time out for you, we know this year has been tough on so many of us and it can feel overwhelming. Read my tips below on how to try and manage your stress but most importantly never forget to talk – it’s okay to not feel okay. 

Sometimes things can become overwhelming, during these times try and remember the below….

Take time to see where changes can be made

Remember to do the fun things in life, all work no play can increase stress

Evaluate and look at the things you can control, not things you can’t

Sleep is very important look out for tips on improving sleep hygiene

Stop and take time, show self-love, and remember you are important too

If you would like support with managing your stress, why not speak to our team to find out what’s available