Humber Staff Member’s Smokefree journey and support from the service

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Humber Staff Member's Smokefree journey and support from the service

“I had smoked for over 30 years and had spent some time deciding to stop smoking. I had been considering how to do this and what support I would need, when the offer was made for support for any Trust staff who wanted to stop smoking by the Trust Health Trainers.

I requested support and was contacted to arrange appointments that were tailored to fit around my work demands.

All of the aspects of what support to expect from the team were given to me at the first appointment, this including telephone support and emergency contact numbers to support me if required. Following a brief assessment of my smoking habits and what I wanted to achieve, the options of Nicotine Replacement were discussed with me. I was able to ask any questions about these.

I then chose what Nicotine replacement therapy I wanted. I used Nicotine replacement patches, that were kept on for 24 hours and reduced over the weeks and a Nicotine inhalator (this was an invaluable crutch). I was given instructions and a supply of both of these to help me and another appointment was arranged for the following week. I also completed a carbon monoxide test, by breathing into the apparatus. The results of this were scary. This helped to motivate me in coming days and weeks.

I attended weekly meetings, that gradually reduced in frequency over time. Was involved in planning my own progress and supported when I stopped using the patches, because of the side effects. Information was shared with me at all times and I had regular carbon monoxide checks too.

Diversion tactics and discussions about dependency and habits discussed at the meetings. I also utilised mindfulness to help with this too.

I was surprised by how quickly I had cravings for Nicotine on the first day but by the ned of the first week this was becoming much more manageable. I am not sure I would now be 12 months smoke free if I had not had the support from the Health Trainers team.”

– Staff member of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust