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The East Riding Stop Smoking service is pleased to offer all those working with patients, carers, professionals and organisations who may be required to speak to individuals who smoke or who may be looking to quit or kick their smoking habit.

What is brief intervention training for smoking cessation training?

The course will give the learner the skills and confidence to begin exploring options to quit and how to get access to stop smoking interventions including an increased knowledge in understanding more about smoking and the use of tobacco. Please note that participants are not fully qualified as smoking cessation advisers until they have completed both level one and level two, and the online NCSCT companion level one and two training course (this is an option you may be provided with through our service once you have completed the Brief Intervention training with us).

Why has this package been developed?

NICE guidance states that:

Everyone who smokes should be advised to quit People who smoke should be asked how interested they are in quitting and those who want to stop should be offered a referral to an intensive support service – East Riding Health Trainers stop smoking service.

The training will equip you to deliver effective brief interventions in your everyday practice. It will allow you to join our network and get up to date information, news and campaign information specifically for East Riding patients and have access to the campaign posters and materials on request. The training can also be tailored to your work group: Mental health/Children/Workforce/Pregnancy.

We can also arrange for 2 members of our team to come and deliver the training at a venue of your choice if you have a minimum of 10 staff members, alternatively we can book somewhere within the East Riding to accommodate your staff.

To find out when the next training courses are in your area please go to our Events page to find out more.

Anyone wanting to book on the training please complete the online booking form below and return to:

or call 0800 9177752 to book your place.

Brief Intervention Training Booking Form