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Teresa Colman

Find out how health trainers helped Teresa loose over ten stone in seventeen months!

In August 2012 I was preparing to go back to work for the next academic year and ordered my size 26 black tailored work trousers. They arrived and didn’t fit. I had refused to accept that really I was a size 28 – my biggest to date. I knew that it was time to change my bad habits.

I had tried lots of fad diets before, lost weight and then gained it back again often with more on top so knew I didn’t want to go down that route. I had seen an advert for the Health Trainers and their facility to support with weight loss. I thought I would give it a try because this time I really wanted to change.

I was assigned a Health Trainer (Ryan) who on my first meeting with him explained the process.

We would meet at first on a weekly basis on a 3 month programme, weigh in, talk about any issues through the week and give advice on how to lead a healthier life style.

He also told me that he would be able to come and help me with my food shopping to give advice on healthier food choices or even come to an exercise class or the gym with me to help me along!

It was time for the bit that made me most nervous which was the weigh in. 23st 5lbs with a BMI of 45.6. Ryan helped and supported me in setting myself small goals and overcoming the bad weeks.

All the staff at the Health Trainers are approachable and encouraging and this really helped to keep me motivated.

After the 3 months I had lost over 3 stone in weight but for the first time did not feel like I was on a diet through the support of the team. I knew that I wanted to continue with the Health Trainers as I didn’t want to fall back into old habits.

Ryan suggested attending their 10 week weight management programme that they were starting up. This involved a weigh in but also some workshops on common problem areas with weight loss such as drinking, eating out and other topics.

It was a great support to talk to other people struggling with the same things.

On completion of that I was over 5stone down.

Ryan continued to send me encouraging texts asking about my progress and I visited the shop weekly to get weighed and he and the other staff were genuinely interested in my progress.

By December 2013 I hit my goal. I had lost 10 stone 6lbs down to a healthier 12st 13lbs, BMI of 25.2 and dress size 14. 2014 is all about maintaining and I am sure that the Health Trainers will be supporting me every step of the way. I could not have done it without their encouragement and support and would recommend them to anyone who is ready to make that lifestyle change.